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Anguish is currently recruiting the following:
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We are recruiting SELECT classes. Our current schedule is Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8:00-11:00 PM (EST). Our primary focus is and will always be new content, though, you are expected to know the fights from TotC as well as Ulduar as we will occasionally revisit these instances to work on hard modes.

Tanks: We are aggressively seeking a Tank with a 2900+ gear score (
*Interested tanks have to have a good dps set as well.

DPS: Warlock and Moonkin are our primary focus, though we are considering applicants who do exceptional dps.

Healing: We need 2 healers, resto druid, disc priest, and holy pally will receive preference.

Raid Environment:
During progression our Ventrilo is quiet and only officers and raid leaders are talking, with some player interaction as requested and between fights. Input is encouraged while we are learning as a guild, but this is only between fights. Our raid leaders are very mellow and we don't EVER yell at anyone, but be prepared to take constructive criticism.

If we are wiping as called by officers, find the nearest thing to die by and run back. We try to keep wipe times a minimum of 5 minutes, though sometimes longer because of changes to strategy. Asking for resurrection is being lazy and laziness is frowned upon, especially for new members.

Guild Environment:
We're pretty laid back, we don't tolerate drama. We are mostly adults and consider World of Warcraft a hobby. We joke around a lot, people get made fun of in good humor. Being that this is an adult guild, there is a lot of adult humor, foul language, and sometimes raunchy jokes; if this offends you, we aren't the guild for you.
Other Guild News

Icecrown Citadel - 10 Man - 6/7 - Rotface Down

LLeigh-Dal, Jan 20, 10 9:30 AM.
Rotface was down after 3 attempts. This fight offers some interesting schematics that took a lot of movement and coordination. Can't wait for 25 man.

Icecrown Citadel - 10 Man - 5/7 - Festergut Down

LLeigh-Dal, Jan 20, 10 9:18 AM.
One of the ugliest bosses Warcraft has ever seen appears to go down pretty easy.
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